This month we too many great events happening to just spotlight one of them. While the end of last year we introduced the "Abandon House" event, we still want to make sure that everyone knows this is still something we want to push all of 2020.

For $100 we come to your house with all the needed materials to set up the Abandon House room for you to run all night long. You will be able to set it up as many times as needed to make sure everyone gets through. We believe that this will help bring families and friends together while the winter continues to hit us heavy. We have high hopes that this will make spending time with the in-laws that much better while being stuck under one roof this Holiday season. If interested feel free to email or messege us on Facebook for more information.

Birthday Party Details

$110 includes escape room for up to 6 people plus the party room for an hour. It will require a $30 non-refundable deposit that will apply towards the $110. Additional people doing the escape room are $15 per person and the group might have to split into two rooms.

We expect there to be several questions about this room so we highly advise you just send us an email about any questions/concerns you might have. Our email again is