Corporate Escape Room Challenge

Get your team ready for the First Annual 307 Mysteries Corporate Escape Room Challenge!

-Up to 5 members per team at 307 Mysteries location - $100 per team ($20 going to charity - winning team picks the charity)

- Businesses can have more than one team compete (each team must have different members)

- All teams will try to escape the same room which will be a new room revealed May 15, 2019

- Teams have from May 20, 2019 until June 30, 2019 to enter & escape the room

1st Place Prize - Gift certificate to your team’s favorite restaurant - Gift certificates to escape room of choice - Pick the charity where 307 Mysteries will donate part of the entry fees

2nd Place Prize - Gift certificates to escape room of choice

3rd place Prize - ribbon/certificate

CALL Lezlie @ 307-567-0063 to book your team! Great Team Building Exercise